Baby Routine

Every book I read , every video I watched and every other person I spoke to about this had their own idea of baby routines. But I found one that worked for me and let me tell you it has helped me tremendously.  Babies naturally enjoy routines it makes things more enjoyable for them or at least mine truly enjoys it. So here are some life hacks for a baby routine.

The current routine we have is Eat, Play & Sleep. He eats every two hours and once he is up we do the following :

  1. Diaper change
  2. Burping for at least 10-15 minutes ( sometimes all at once and sometimes in between)
  3. Clean & Lotion Up, most babies are messy eaters so he gets a face cleaning and since he has sensitive skin its lotion time for him.
  4. Stretch & Play : we stretch his little arms and legs out and have tummy time. We play with his toys and make sure.

This doesn’t always take the same amount of time but that is totally fine, I get to spend time with my little one. Finally it is nap time, he will go on his swing and we will read a book.

*Before he falls asleep I like to also practice sign language and talk to him about new things.

Its important to keep the routine short and simple don’t make this hard on yourself, this will help you little one get used to a simple yet enjoyable routine. Share with me your routine and any recommendations you may have.

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