Baby Must Haves 0-3 Months

Hello beautiful mama’s today I wanted to share with you my Must haves to survive the first 3 months of your little one’s life. Of course as new mom’s everything is trial and error, but with a little help I was able to find some pretty good items to make things easier on me. So lets get started !!


  1. Boba Wrap – This was such an amazing product, I always thought wraps were the way to go it was just so much easier to carry the little one around and I was able to adjust it as I carried him. I loved the Boba Wrap because it was so soft and the color was perfect my son really likes being carried around in it. I also found a safe way to carry him facing forward. There are many brands out there that sell wraps but I really enjoy Boba you are able to register yours online for additional care in case its needed.
  2. Mam Pacifiers  – My little one loves his Mam Pacifiers we bought other ones and he didn’t really seem to care for them. What was great about these pacifiers was the sensitive skin ones which are great if your little one has rashes or overly sensitive skin. Our kiddo has developed several rashes in such short amount of time but thankfully these pacifiers are safe for him.
  3. Baby Eucerin – It is very important to keep your little one’s skin moisturized. I cannot stress this enough. Our little one has been dealing with a pretty rough case of eczema which is very common for kiddos but can be very irritating. There are several products out there that you can use and I can go through the list of items we tried. But ultimately Eucerin has been helping us the most. We did end up with a steroid ointment because his skin got infected but we continue to use the lotion and it has helped immensely. Be prepared mama do not wait until the very end.
  4. Portable Owl Baby Soother – This is a super life saver, if you little one calms down with music or is put to sleep by it this is a must have. This is a safe silicon owl musical soother. I found it at target and I love that it comes with a strap to place it around the carrier. This has helped us so much specially because Q is not a big fan of car rides.
  5. Small Baby Blanket – This is a must, most babies love the soothing sensation of a blanket, our little one will not fall asleep if he doesn’t have his blanket with him. Its a very common comfort item for the little ones and mine is currently wearing his out which means another run to Target it is.

Well dear mama’s I hope this was helpful and I will definitely be sharing more items with you as this little one grows. Make sure to follow our Instagram as we will be doing a full story on all these items.

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