Motivation Friday – Mama Blues

I’m going to start off by saying this is not just for Mama’s but for anyone that needs a little help with motivation. You can use these steps to help yourself feel better over all and be more energized to start your day.

Now that I have said that I would also like to share that postpartum depression is a real and very scary thing to deal with. I have to say I’m very lucky that I did not encounter such thing but I did however deal with another hidden monster (ANXIETY). I’ve never encountered such thing however during pregnancy I suffered numerous anxiety attacks. One that landed me in the emergency room. The shortness of breath, chest pain and feeling like you are about to pass out is not a feeling I wish upon anyone.

Lets start off by acknowledging that we are not perfect, we are not meant to be and that is perfectly fine. We are in control of anything and everything that happens to us and around us, we have the right to leave all the negativity behind and surround ourselves with positive vibes. But as to not get into very deep psychiatric fixes lets stay with easy fixes that we can do every day to make things right.

  1. Every morning have something to look forward to, it can be a workout or a cup of coffee. A delicious stack of pancakes or an amazing new outfit, being excited over anything will make it that much better and easier to start your day.

2. Mama’s do your make up and dress up, even if you are not going anywhere. Dressing up and looking your best has shown to lift up your spirits it gives you a boost of confidence and you are bound to be more happy through out the day. ( But maybe don’t wear your favorite outfit if you have a baby that spits up a lot).

3. Plan out your day – I know this may sound like too much work or upsetting if you don’t get to actually accomplish anything from your list. But the point of this is to have structure in you life, people that have set goals whether big or small tend to feel better about themselves and their day. It gives them a sense of purpose and it sure feels good to cross things off a list.

An overhead shot of a person writing in a planner on a desk

4. Last but not least don’t sweat the small stuff, meaning if you did not accomplish much but just to get out of bed and look your damn best. That my dear friend is the biggest accomplishment you could have done. Love yourself and never forget who #1 is, be gracious for what you do have and always speak up if you need help.


I hope this post finds you well, and if you or anyone you know needs a little extra help just know you are not alone. 

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