Baby Essentials 0-3 Months

Welcome back dear mama’s, today I wanted to share with you my baby essentials for 0-3 months. This was a bit short considering I’ve done one in the past and it can go on for hours, but these are my go-to saviors for the last 4 months of my little one’s existence and I figured this would you new mamas if you are working on your registry or if you are a brand new mama. So let’s keep it short and simple and get to the needy greedy.


  1. Onesies that zip up – ( Newborn 2-3, 0-3 Months get 5 of these, 3-6 months get another 5) Depending on the height of your little one keep that in mind.
  2. Socks
  3. Mitts
  4. Hats for the cold season and for after they come home
  5. Pants with covered feet, in case your little one doesn’t care for socks
  6. Bibs 3-5

Blankets & Cloths:

  1. Wash Cloths – 10+ You will thank me later when you don’t have time to do laundry and you need a clean washcloth.
  2. Burp Cloths – 10+ Same rule applies here.
  3. Blankets – 3+ Your kiddo will have a favorite one but you don’t always have time to wash it so have backups.
  4. Swaddle Blanket – Try to get all cotton ones 3-5
  5. Velcro Swaddle – 5+ You will need them if your little one likes to be swaddled

Keep Baby Calm:

  1. Pacifiers- 4+ Our doctor gave us the ok after he was used to breastfeeding to avoid any confusion. I recommend MAM as my favorite brand
  2. Musical toys- 3+ One for the car, one for sleeping and one for an emergency.
  3. Light up toys- At least one for when they actually pay attention to them.

Bath & Skin Care:

  1. Butt Paste
  2. Lotions- 3 Different Brands to test them out
  3. Body Wash or Soap – Do your research but get a few different brands to test
  4. Baby Bathing Tub
  5. Hair Product to alleviate any dry scalp

Check out my baby registry below:


Baby Reigstry

I also shared this on my YouTube Channel so check out the video down below:

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