My Covered Goods Story

Hello, mama’s today I have something amazing to share with you. While getting my baby registry must-haves ready I  noticed something was missing and did not include as part of my story. As a mama that looks for items that are versatile and still fashion friendly, I stumbled upon an absolute must-have for every new mama. As our registry list grows we should keep in mind some of the items we get or purchase. They should really be multi-use otherwise, prepare for a mountain of unused items.

I knew I would need something to cover the carrier, a cover for feeding and eventually once he was old enough something that would cover those shopping carts for our many Target runs. But I didn’t want to keep adding more and more items to carry in my diaper bag. And so the search began for something that could cover each requirement, that is when I stumbled upon Covered Goods. I had searched high and low for the perfect cover but when I read more and more about covered goods and learned that a mama like us had made this amazing product I knew I had found the right cover for me.

They have a huge selection of patterns which made it all the better, it’s nice to have a fashion-forward cover and not some boring single shade item. ( check out my favorite patterns for boys down below).




I absolutely love that they are a locally owned business all the covers are hand sewn in Los Angeles, I love supporting all local businesses. So after receiving mine in the mail, I thought I would share with you guys what I think about mine.

  1. Stylish – This cover is so amazingly stylish, I was able to use it as a scarf as supposed to just carrying it in my diaper bag. It is so soft and comfortable that no one would be able to tell that this is a coverup.


2. It covers the carrier completely in case the little one is asleep, but if he is not it left me with enough space to see him.Q, of course, enjoyed being able to see mama but loved being covered from the sun and wind.

3. It covers you perfectly for those times when baby needs to eat and you are out and about or just want some privacy. My little one didn’t feel smothered or overheated, he loved playing with the print while eating and was so comfortable while eating. I definitely noticed he ate longer since it kept him from being distracted. It was nice that the cover is not see through for more privacy.



Our walks were so enjoyable with our cover, it kept him nice and comfy and I still could see him inside.


The print is by far my favorite its a really nice black and white Dessert Cactus so versatile. Overall this is a definite must-have if you are looking for items to add to your registry or are looking for a baby shower gift make sure to check them out.

There is absolutely nothing I would change about this cover, I couldn’t be more happy with mine and I would definitely suggest getting more than one. Not because you need to but how could you not love the patterns and want to sport a different one every week.


My review continues on my YouTube Channel where I’ll show you guys more about this amazing cover.

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