My Bun Maternity Story

Hello fellow mamas, today I’d like to share with you my Bun Maternity story. As you may know, I always like to find amazing new products for mommies and littles, and let me tell you this is a gem of a find. If you are a breastfeeding mama like I am you know the struggle of, how do I dress to be able to comfortably feed my little one?. I purposely searched for shirts a size too big or tops that I could bring the boobies out comfortably without pressing on them oddly or being in the way of a good latch. We all know too well what could happen if you are faced with these two major issues, in my case I was putting too much pressure on my breast causing for my little one to not empty my breast, therefore, causing my dreaded mastitis to come back.

So I set forth on the hunt for good quality and reasonably priced clothes that I could wear and be able to comfortably feed my little one. This is where the fun starts, I received two products from Bun Maternity, the first one is the Cozi Nursing Hoodie Dress & the second item is the Drapped Drop Back Nursing Poncho. Total game changers, as soon as I received them I was so impressed with the quality, how soft and sturdy the material was. I was able to feed Q with such ease and was not concerned about privacy whatsoever, the hooded dress was so warm and cozy. I loved the design with a shoulder snap it provides a hidden section for the perfect comfortable feeding.


This above the knee dress was perfect for a casual out and about stroll, this is truly perfect for those cold morning walks that Q loves so much and the front pocket provided a section for me to keep my keys and phone. The material was so smooth and warm, this is something I look out for since baby Q has really bad eczema flare-ups and any fabric that comes into contact can easily irritate it. I did not have such problem with either one, he was comfortably fed and felt so warm near it that he fell asleep during a feeding, ( this is usually only normal at bedtime).





unnamed (4)unnamed (3).jpg

Now the poncho was perfect for those warm humid days we get in So Cal, it is lightweight and breathable. I was able to wear a top underneath it and still managed to keep the little one comfortable, this is a very stretchy material and he loved playing with it as he loves to play with most anything that will stretch. I have to say that my favorite thing about the poncho was the coverage and how breathable the material is. This is must-have for summer, they have different colors and I know this can easily be styled with a cute pair of cropped pants or even a dress. I always like giving you guys options so see below how I styled mine.



Overall the experience I had with this brand was superb, its really hard to find brands that truly get a mother’s needs. As always I like to support brands that are US grown and made, they truly aim to support women in their breastfeeding journey. Take advantage of their current deal of 15% OFF all orders Over $50 and Free Continental Shipping Over $50 with the amazing customer service and free returns or exchanges.

Make sure to check them out on Instagram as well.




As always don’t forget to follow me on social media and YouTube Channel. I post new videos every week, also lets be friends on Instagram find me @yesyluboff. I share more fun pictures of how I styled these two items.


*This post was sponsored by Bun Maternity

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