Losing The Baby Weight 101

Hi mamas,

I know you’ve probably tried it all, the workouts the pills, the diets and the drinks. But nothing works and things seem to only be getting worst. So I’m here to shed some light on what seems to be an endless dark tunnel.

First, of let me start by saying you are a freaking badass, you just gave birth to a little human being that depends on you for everything and you are pretty much the primary caregiver. So lets break it down, you’ve gotten the go ahead from your doctor at your most saught after 6 week check up. You are ready to look hot and be back hitting iron at the gym. But all good things take time and you must acknowledge that. I want you to sit down and make a serious commitment to yourself, ask yourself the following questions.

1.Who am I doing this for?

2. How bad do I want this?

3. Will I follow through?

If you gave yourself the most honest answers lets get started. There are few things you can do from home that will help you on your path to loose weight.

  1. On a piece of paper that you can tape to the fridge write in big bold numbers your goal weight. This is so you can visualize what your goal is before you go digging into that ice cream or chips or soda. Here is my goal:
  • 2. Find a fun video on YouTube one that you can do every day for no more than 15 minutres because lets face it what kid allows you to do more than that. I can’t even pee in freedom, so I have my little one near me while I work out and play with him at the same time.

    Here is my favorite go to:

    3. Drink up butter cup, thats right find cute 16-32 oz travel cup and fill it every time its empty carry it everywhere and keep drinking. This will help you diminish soda and juice intake and if you absolutely hate water do like me and get some of these bad boys. Zero sugars and zero guilt.

    4. Don’t weight yourself every day, do it twice a month and write it underneath the goal weight. This will encourage to continue your path, and not to give up.

    Tricks for making it fun.

    Make this a family affair, go on walks with your kids or your whole family. You can make this an am thing so the kiddos arent super hyper or loosing it.

    Don’t eat infront of the TV it has been proven to affect how much you eat, you are mindlessly eating. Sit at the table with everyone and talk, after all its supposed to be family time.

    Lastly reward yourself, make a goal chart like mine below. For every milesstone you hit you get that item or food or treat whatever you added to it. I added clothign and make up because why not.

    Loosing Weight Chart

    Well thats it ladies, simple does it. No need to kill yourself at the gym or drink up pill after pill. No crazy diet and no need to overkill on one thing only. Comment your progress below and if you have any additional input to this. I would love to also follow your journey on your IG or blog so leave a link below for others to follow and share.

    Until Next Time

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