How To Make Money With Pinterest

We all want to be able to have our dream job from home, some of us want to just make some passive income that would help us with a little extra cash every month.

So here I’ll be sharing with you guys how you can make passive income through Pinterest. Note* some links may be affiliates on this post.

Most stay at home moms or young adults are looking for innovative ways to make some additional i come from home. So here are some tips on how to do it with one of our favorite social media platforms. Pinterest.

Follow these steps:

1. Create a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one.

Make sure to have it set up as a business account, this will help you monitor your progress through the analytics reports.

2. Join affiliate accounts, I currently use one that pays me per clicks which is ShopStyle Collective ( however I believe they are now doing pay per sale) which is still good.

Here you can create looks by simply using your outfit pictures and showcasing where you bought the products. You can share links to Pinterest with your outfit pictures and get paid for every saw you make.

3. Keep it Simple – don’t over do it. Set up at least one to two hours a day to keep Pinterest active. The more you share the more views you are bound to get.

4. Stay original and share other posts, never steal images from others this might be tempting as you feel their image is better suited and you’ll see a lot of that on Pinterest but people will notice and instead you may push them to follow that influencer instead.

5. Use other affiliates I also work with ShareAsale to sign up with many different brands.

6. Lastly be persistent.

Trust me you will see the difference if you stay on top of it.

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