How To Edit Beautiful Pictures -3 Of My Favorites

I’ve gone through many tutorials to achieve a cohesive feed. I’ve searched high and low for free ways to do so, because I refuse to pay a dime to have a beautiful feed. But I do appreciate the amount of work many of these content creators & photographers put in. I just don’t feel like paying upwards of $40 plus dollars on it lol.

So I thought I would share some amazing free apps to achieve your goals for your feed. I would love to read your feedback on the presets or the apps used in this post.

Also I would like to state that this is not sponsored or an affiliate post. This is my honest opinion in regards to all apps used today.

Well let’s get started, I want to give you guys a quick preview of my current and past themes as well as the apps used to achieve it.

Currently I’m transitioning to a light and airy theme with lots of cool tones. I’ve been using a combination of VSCO & Lightroom Apps. ( make sure to scroll to the bottom to go directly to those apps)

I use Filter A6 on VSCO +

The following settings on Lightroom

I absolutely love the way it looks.

A very popular & highly requested form of editing is this beautiful warm highly saturated yet less contrast look. I used it for both lifestyle & portraits but really loved it on portraits.

I only used Lightroom on this see below settings.

This requires a bit more editing but totally worth it.

Ok this one I loved for summer editing going into Fall, I loved the warmth and saturation levels. Look forward to bringing this back into my feed. I also only used Lightroom for this.

Hope this gives you guys a good way to start your feeds below are a few more that I e done, comment below if you want to see how I edit those also it would help me greatly if you subscribed to blog. I send out tons of freebies and do a monthly giveaway.

VSCO by Visual Supply Company

Adobe Lightroom CC by Adobe

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