It’s The Thread That Counts

A gentle heart is tied with an easy thread

-George Herbert

Happy New Year!!! My sweet and humble friends. I’m so excited for what’s to come this year and I wanted to kick things off with one positive note and that is. Live life intentionally.

That’s right my sweet friends we have to live with purpose & intention. Once we’ve acknowledged this we can conquer just about anything. My New Years resolution is just that and my kiddo is doing everything in his power to teach me how life can be the greatest adventure ever.

Thread Tank

And today we continue our adventure by making a few demands lol, brought to you by Thread Tanks. I wanted to share with you guys how amazing these T-Shirts are, there are more than just that they truly are “Stories You Can Wear”.

I was truly amazed by their quality, they are extremely soft to the touch. What’s even more amazing about it is the fact that they are designed & printed in house. I was so impressed by how comfortable they were and so true to size. I love the humor behind each product but most of all I love how fitting to my life they are.

You may laugh thinking my demands are a bit unrealistic but with a toddler unrealistic reaches a new high lol. ( if you are a mom you totally get me) These days I’m all about comfort but I love wearing uplifting clothing, their T-Shirts truly do that.

Thread Tank

I love the colors for both of my tops and found that each one fit in perfectly to my every day life. Because I have officially gained my “mother of dragons” badge and their seems to be a shortage of coffee and puppies around.

I would love for you guys to find your thread in life and share with me which Thread Tank matches your every day life. So make sure to use code NEWMOM10 for 10% off and don’t forget to tag me so I can share the joy with you.

Thread Tank

Now if you excuse me I have $12M to find somewhere. Comment below if you too can use that lol.

Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram for all sorts of inspiration and great new products

( I’m wearing a size MD, this tops are true to size and the colors are Heather Rougue)

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