Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

After weeks of using Smile Brilliant, I wanted to finally share my results and tell you guys more about the process and how much its improved my lifestyle. I’m including the routine I followed and a before and after for you guys to see how amazing this truly worked. Also stick around for the very end so you can too get your very own Smile Brilliant kit for free, I’m so happy to be partnering with them to gift you the gift of an amazing smile.

I wanted to make a quick statement, my routine by no means revolved around this kit. I live a pretty hectic life running around my toddler and making sure the house is clean as well as ensuring every errand is complete by the end of the week. So this kit works for anyone even if you don’t think you have the time to set aside for some self-care.

My routine for this is as follows, you don’t have to follow this but this is what worked for me to achieve the results I got in such a short amount of time.

Teeth Whitening Days and Times:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • I always used my kit at night because I found it to be easier once I knew I would have at least two hours of not eating or drinking.
  • I only used it for the 45-minute mark for the most part and really saw a huge difference.

Quick Tip

  1. Make sure you are using the proper amount of gel as directed for better results.
  2. Stick to the 45-minute mark minimum and don’t go under that time frame.
  3. Always use the desensitizing gel after, this ensures staining does not occur and will help with any sensitivity you may encounter.

Why I Love Trays Over Any Other Method?

Let me share some insight with you guys, its not just the tray or the strip that is important when shopping for teeth whitening at home. It’s important to know how long this will last, the cost & of course how truly effective they are. So let me share some commonly missed facts about other products.

  • Strips – Although widely available they are not the most effective, they tend to shift around in your mouth and unless your teeth are extremely perfect they tend to miss some areas.
  • Charcoal – Its noticeable for the first few days but really short lived, this is not something that will last long enough or make sense after a while.

With the trays from Smile Brilliant not only did it work almost immediately but its last through all the cups of coffee I’ve had on the daily. The trays are customized to my teeth hence not missing any parts of my mouth and giving me a more consistent smile.

Before & After

This was actually quite shocking to me, I was a bit skeptical at first. Because everything I’ve used in the past had not lived to my expectations. But once I saw my before and after it was clear to me the huge difference in the color of my teeth was.

Win Your Own Kit

Because I would love for you to have the smile you deserve. I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to gift you your own kit. Click the link below to enter this amazing giveaway. open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents

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